QuickWeb Info was founded in 2001, as a custom software development company. Until present, we established a reputation as a reliable, long-term competent partner with our customers and with our employees. The company has approximately 20 employees and is based in Bucharest. Our area of expertise encompasses custom software, turnkey solutions, web development and data manipulation applications – every developed solution being unique and customized. QuickWeb Info provides mainly, but is not limiting to, security software solutions and cloud storage solutions, on all major platforms (Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Windows Phone). As a specific of our activity, our team works closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their business model and work flow. We establish clear goals and test our solutions as we go, making improvements based on real feedback, as it happens. We constantly communicate progress and ideas to our clients and we focus on providing complete documentation and maintainability. At QuickWeb, we consider that planning, development and testing phases are playing a crucial part in managing any of our projects. Moreover, we lay emphasis on the importance of the training sessions for an accurate completion of our projects, our experts being available, upon request.
Professional development is not only important to you, but also to us. QuickWeb offers employees the opportunity to:
  • do a motivating job contributing to advance professional and personal
  • improve the communication methodology
  • understand product flow
  • work in a collaborative environment, communicate with the team to solve any problem
  • work with people from different countries and cultures that equally bring their contribution to solution success.
As benefits we also offer:
  • a work environment based on respect, trust and most important communication
  • subscription for medical services at a private clinic
  • at least 1 team – building a year, together with your family
  • periodical social events
  • certifications and professional development support

Future employees can build upon a foundation they can understand.
Our success depends on our employees who can quickly adapt to new situations, constantly grow and learn.